PHOTOSHOP WORKFLOW ESSENTIALS – ZSE6 Bonus 2 – f.64 Elite by Blake Rudis

The Zone System Express 6

Lesson 2 : Blake’s Anatomy (of a layer in Ps)

I have spent the last ten years perfecting my photographic workflow.   One of the major innovations I made in this time was the development of the Zone System Express, an incredible tool that helps me maintain a consistent and predictable workflow.  It has been through 5 iterations so far and the 6th is going to revolutionize the way you edit your photos.

I can’t just leave you with a tool, while it is a powerhouse, it is nothing without the education to go along with it.  With the panel comes 8 hours of education that will teach you my workflow of Tone, Color, and Effects

Bron: ZSE6 Bonus 2 – f.64 Elite

Who I am and why I’m here

Hello, my name is Robert Van Maele. I live in Belgium (Mariakerke near Ghent). One of my hobbies is photography, that’s an important one, and the main reason why I’m creating this blog. I’m member of photoclub FODIFI Wondelgem vzw ( and I thought this is the time to share some of my pictures. I’ve no specialism, but most of the shoots are made on holidays, excursions and with the grandchildren.

So, here it is!!!