3 Expert Tips for Gradient Management – f64 Academy | Blake Rudis

Expert Tips for Gradient Management in Photoshop CC 2020

Since my last video on the Diamond Gradient, I have received a LOT of questions about gradient management in Photoshop CC 2020.  In today’s video, I will answer all of them summed up into three questions: Why do my gradients have folders and yours show gradients? How do I make my own gradients? How do  I change the default gradient in the Gradient Palette? BONUS: How do I move a gradient once I’ve made it? This short video will have you managing your gradients like a pro!

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Photoshop Channel Mixer Madness! By Jim Welninski © AlteredSpacePhoto.com

The Channel Mixer in Photoshop is often overlooked. But in the hands of someone who knows what to do with it, it can be awesome. It can be used to change colors or for color grading. It can help you create color contrast. It can be a great way to convert to black and white. Combine it with a Curve and you’ve got a powerful tool indeed…IF you can figure out a way of reliably getting what you want. I’ll show you how to tame it in part one of this two part series.

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Jim Welninski © AlteredSpacePhoto.com

How to Transform Images in a Composite in Adobe Photoshop | Create

Adobe transform composite


Vanessa Rivera is a photographer and artist who merges photos of her family and objects from the real world to create fantastical compositions.

Vanessa Rivera tells dreamy and whimsical stories through her photo composites. See how she brings an image into Adobe Photoshop on her iPad and blends it with the scenery.

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Selective Color for Better Tones (Video) – f64 Academy – Blake Rudis | f64 Academy

Selective Color For Better Tones

You know my workflow, Tone, Color, Artistic Effects, right? I preach it all the time and more often than not, I teach how to get better colors through your tonal work first, right? Well, recently, I discovered an incredible use for the Selective Color Adjustment Layer to get better tones.

Wait, hold the phone…

So Blake, now you are telling us we can get better colors through our tones and better tones through our colors? Uh, yeah, that’s precisely what I am saying. Now to blow your mind one more time, you can use color to get better tones, so you can use tone to get better color so that you can get better color from your tonal colorwork…

Not only is that a tongue twister, but it is confusing as all get out! I promise this tutorial will be more straightforward than reading the last sentence of that last paragraph.

What I discovered recently is that you can use the Selective Color Adjustment Layer with a Luminosity Blend Mode to get a ton of control over the tones in your photo. The Luminosity Blend Mode only allows the selected layer to affect the underlying layers Luminance values. So when we use a Selective Color Adjustment Layer set to Luminosity, we get to control the tones in our colors without shifting the hue or saturation of the color.

Source: Selective Color for Better Tones (Video) – f64 Academy

Foto’s bewerken met Affinity Photo | Apps & Software | Computer!Totaal

Affinity Photo

Adobe Photoshop is voor veel niet-professionals te duur geworden omdat je het alleen als abonnement kunt gebruiken. Affinity Photo stapt in het gat en biedt een Photoshop-alternatief aan voor een paar tientjes. We leggen uit hoe je zo snel mogelijk aan de slag kunt met importeren, snijden, bewerken en exporteren.

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Fotografeer, evalueer, print event – Overdruk


nodigt je uit op het tweede
fotografeer | evalueer | print

Zaterdag 25 januari 2020
van 10.00 tot 17.30 uur

De winnaars moeten aanwezig zijn tijdens de prijsuitreiking, anders gaat de prijs naar de volgende fotograaf.

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Epson SureColor P800 vs. Canon PRO-1000 — Red River Paper

© Red River Paper

The Epson P800 and Canon PRO-1000 are the two prosumer grade 17″ wide inkjet printers available today. Prosumer means that they offer lab quality results and moderate productivity. You could run a small print business with this level inkjet printer. Both machines are designed to print photography and artwork that can be sold with the promise of fade resistance over many decades. They both offer remarkable flexibility in terms of print size, paper options, and cost effectiveness.

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Fotografie Blog – Beterelandschapsfoto Groei verder in Fotografie

Fotograferen in de mist © beterelandschapsfoto.nl

Op deze blog vind je talrijke interessante artikelen en tips om je (landschaps)fotografie te verbeteren.

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Art&Craft Event – Fotofinish

© Art&Craft – Fotofinish

Samen met Canon organiseert Art& Craft dit jaar de eerste editie van Fotofinish – hét evenement voor foto-liefhebbers & EOS-fanaten
Om voor de nodige flair te zorgen, kozen we als locatie voor de befaamde Eddy Merckx Piste. We wisten dan ook meteen hoe we het beestje gingen noemen – ‘Fotofinish’. Die locatie leent zich tot enkele geweldige mogelijkheden: op het binnenplein & rond de piste kan je deelnemen aan tal van workshops, lezingen & meer! De piste zelf? Daar kan je foto’s nemen van

Source: Fotofinish

The Complete Photography Bundle – VII – 2019

OKTOBER = 5 DayDeal

Dit is dé kans van het jaar om met grote reductie je kennis m.b.t. fotografie uit te breiden! Aan de prijs van $89,- krijg je toegang tot een zeer uitgebreid gamma ‘didactisch’ materiaal en licenties. Je hebt tot 8 oktober de kans van dit aanbod gebruik te maken. Klik op de link hieronder voor alle details. Veel plezier…

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