A Different Look at Vignettes – f64 Academy

Vignette © Blake Rudis – f64 Academy

Vignettes in Photoshop and ACR + Lightroom Vignettes are extremely powerful tools for grabbing your viewer’s attention.  They can very quickly make an ordinary photo look incredible!  But, there are some problems with traditional vignettes.

1.  They can look too contrived if not blended well.
2.  Traditional ACR or Lightroom vignettes don’t give you a whole lot of control.
3.  Sometimes it just looks like a giant ring around your photo.

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3 Expert Tips for Gradient Management – f64 Academy | Blake Rudis

Expert Tips for Gradient Management in Photoshop CC 2020

Since my last video on the Diamond Gradient, I have received a LOT of questions about gradient management in Photoshop CC 2020.  In today’s video, I will answer all of them summed up into three questions: Why do my gradients have folders and yours show gradients? How do I make my own gradients? How do  I change the default gradient in the Gradient Palette? BONUS: How do I move a gradient once I’ve made it? This short video will have you managing your gradients like a pro!

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How to use Libraries in Photoshop CC – f64 Academy – Blake Rudis / f64 Academy

Are you getting the most out of your Adobe CC subscription? If you are not using libraries in Photoshop CC, you probably aren’t…

Libraries aren’t the sexiest topic we can talk about on f.64 Academy, but if you know how to use them, it can be pretty hot. Uh-hmm, my wife said that I promise! Libraries come with your Adobe Photoshop CC subscription. You know that 20 Gigs of space you get when you sign up, that’s one of the things it can be used for. But with things like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft’s One Drive, is this space really helpful or just redundant?

I find the Adobe Library Creative Cloud storage space to be invaluable. I do have a colossal Dropbox drive for my business, and I store most everything there, but Adobe’s Creative Cloud is not necessarily for business documents, it’s for creative assets. Let’s bust a quick myth about Photoshop CC.

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How to fix over saturated photos in Photoshop – f64 Academy

Inverted © Blake Rudis

How to use the Inverted adjustment Layer to fix over-saturation

by Blake Rudis | Sep 20, 2019 | IntermediateTutorial

Have you ever seen Stranger Things on Netflix? It is one of my wife and I’s favorite shows to watch when the kids go to bed. We have far surpassed all the episodes and are longing for the next season. We are babies of the ’80s after all.

One thing I noticed in that highly addictive Netflix show is how much it can teach us about photo post-production. There is this alternate universe in the show, a very ugly place, that routinely finds itself seeping into the ordinary world. That got me thinking about the Invert Adjustment Layer in Photoshop.

When you first use it, it can be an ugly place, and quite frankly it does nothing fantastic to portraits, babies, or beautiful landscapes. However, there is important data in that upside-down world and if we can learn to harness it, we can unlock some incredible knowledge about our photos.

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