PHOTOSHOP WORKFLOW ESSENTIALS – ZSE6 Bonus 2 – f.64 Elite by Blake Rudis

The Zone System Express 6

Lesson 2 : Blake’s Anatomy (of a layer in Ps)

I have spent the last ten years perfecting my photographic workflow.   One of the major innovations I made in this time was the development of the Zone System Express, an incredible tool that helps me maintain a consistent and predictable workflow.  It has been through 5 iterations so far and the 6th is going to revolutionize the way you edit your photos.

I can’t just leave you with a tool, while it is a powerhouse, it is nothing without the education to go along with it.  With the panel comes 8 hours of education that will teach you my workflow of Tone, Color, and Effects

Bron: ZSE6 Bonus 2 – f.64 Elite